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The Custom House Brokers Agency “INTERCOMEX S.A.” was created in the year 2003 as an auxiliary company to customs and foreign trade operations, previous fulfillment of a series of legal and technical requirements such as: Legal capacity, Financial Capacity, experience and controls of continous training to its personnel on international business and the laws that govern it, Importation Tariffs, Exportation, International logistics and other topics related to our everyday work.
From its creation, INTERCOMEX S.A. has offered efficient services to international business in general, and specifically to the Petroleum Industry, in virtue to our long trayectory in that field; continuing with the line of work of its predecessors such as Custom House Broker Agency W.L.OBANDO and later La Internacional Ltda., whose “know-how” we legated by succession from the three generations of the Obando Family, in whose experience rest the proven solvency of our capacities, pioneers in the attention of the also pioneer companies from the private petroleum industry in Bolivia such as: Bolivian Gulf Oil Co, Parker Drilling Co, Schlumberger Surenco, Tesoro Bolivia Petroleum, Occidental Boliviana, William Brothers and others who supported to the energy development in Bolivia. Maintains organization and working relations with similar institutions in national and international levels, and is resgistered as a Custom House Brokers Agency in the Chamber of commerce, Regional Chamber and National Chamber of Customs House Brokers, National Revenue Service, Town Hall The Custom House Brokers Agency “ INTERCOMEX S.A.” in its decision level is formed by a general Management, two operative departments and a accounting department that conform the administrative and technical workplace, disposes of economical solvency, that has permitted in making itself of a solid financial-economical tradition in our surrounding. Disposes of subsidiaries in the cities of Cochabamba, La Paz, Yacuiba, Puerto Suarez and correspondent agents in the different ports overseas. At present it counts with its own installations with all the comfortness and exigencies that are required for the good functioning of the company, located on the street Arenales # 1226 in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.