Custom House Brokers, standard ISO 9001 certified company, offers its services from Bolivia to importants national and transnational companies.


The Custom House Brokers Agency “INTERCOMEX S.A.” was created in the year 2003 as an auxiliary company to customs and foreign trade operations, previous fulfillment of a series of legal and technical requirements such as: Legal capacity, Financial Capacity, experience and controls of continous training to its personnel on international business and the laws that govern it, Importation Tariffs, Exportation, International logistics and other topics related to our everyday work. More.

Quality Policy

INTERCOMEX S.A. is a Custon House Broker Agency that offers services related with foreign trade to all types of companies, for which it comprises to the following:
  • Provide service quality that satisfies the necesities of our clients Fulfill with the requirements of the Quality Management System established in the ISO 9001 norm.
  • Establish communication mechanisms with the clients.
  • Provide the necessary resources.
  • Fulfill with the applicable normative.
  • Improve continuously its processes.
  • Prepare and motivate permanently its personnel.
  • Diffuse the Politics of Quality to its personnel.
Fernando Obando T.

Our Mission

Has as a mission to counsel and provide high quality services to the companies and institutions in all the ambits related with foreign trade.


Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves in a leading company in the sector of integrated services to foreign trade, counting for it with the most effrcient personnel, assuring in this form the rendering of an excellent service and thus satisfying the necessities of our clients.

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